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Peak Bloodstock - From Start to Finish

Meet “our man on the ground” – Bernard Stoffel DVM.  Since his graduation in 1984 from the renowned Veterinary School at Liege University in Belgium, he has built a wealth of contacts throughout Europe.

Bernard has been a thoroughbred breeder since his youth but he started his career with a highly respected practice in the south-west of France.  He then turned his hand to training and breeding thoroughbreds and went on to create a stud farm.  During this period he made a lot of contacts with professionals in the French horseracing world and is still involved in the French Veterinary and Thoroughbred Breeders Associations.

After ten years in France, Bernard decided to return to Belgium where he became a director of the Darby Farm; one of the main Belgium trotter stables, and headed both the training and breeding departments.  He now specialises in researching the nutritional needs of performance and racehorses throughout Europe, keeping a keen eye out for prospective champions.

Bernard is an extremely valuable member of the PEAK RECEHORSES team and internationally held in high regard.  He thoroughly inspects every horse be
fore purchase to ensure all our animals are in peak condition.