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Owning a Racehorse-Individual and Syndicate Ownership

We all need excitement in our lives and there are many ways to obtain it, but, as any racehorse owner, or racehorse syndicate owner will tell you, the thrill of watching your horse pass the winning post in first place is an electrifying experience. It can only be described as sheer ecstasy, and not only the first time, but on every occasion, that feeling of exhilaration never diminishes.

Horse racing is described as the “sport of kings” and rightly so, owning a race horse is the ultimate symbol of supremacy and success. It implies elegance, grace, an adventurous spirit and association with the rich and powerful. It means all of these things and, with our guidance, you will achieve this enviable status.

We will assist you in finding the right racehorse, and together we will determine which best suits your expectations. You will derive immense pleasure from choosing a name; selecting your racing colours and watching your horse reach its full potential. Race days will bring the additional benefit of the exclusive member’s enclosure where you will rub shoulders with some of the most charismatic individuals involved in the horse racing and breeding industry.

Whether you are a private owner or part of a syndicate, contact us to receive our highly confidential, professional and attentive service.

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